Hmm, you probably got to my store through my main website, which means the  bio below may be redundant. But here goes....

Robbie Lee, professionally speaking, is mostly a middle school art teacher. But he's also a freelance illustrator whose work has been featured on everything from plushes and video games to skateboards and backpacks. The bulk of his work lies in designing graphic t-shirts, with hundreds of designs having sold more than 200,000 copies. Robbie combined his teaching and illustrating experiences to write and illustrate a couple of instructional drawing books: Perspective Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide and Drawing Made Easy: How to Draw from Observation and Imagination, both published by Impact Books. Robbie teaches, illustrates, and lives with his wife and two children in Orlando, FL.

 This is me in simulated teaching action.

 Anyway, all that shirt designing business has pretty much been me selling my designs to tee companies like Threadless, Design By Humans, and Shirt.woot. But that was back when screen printing was the main method for making shirts. Nowadays, custom one-off DTG (Direct to Garment) printing reigns supreme, which means now I can sell my own designs (at least the ones I still have the rights to).  And that's what I've got going on here- a mix of some of my newer designs, older designs that I've gotten the rights back to (huge props to Threadless for returning the rights of all their designs to the original artists!), and oddballs that never quite found a home. Thanks for visiting!