Shipping and Returns

Shipping costs:

Shipping within the U.S is a flat 5.00 no matter how much or what you buy, thereby behooving you to buy a lot. 

Shipping outside the U.S. is a flat 10.00 no matter how much or what you buy,  thereby even moreso behooving you to buy a lot.

Shipping times:

I can't guarantee a shipping date, but the turnaround time is pretty quick and you should have your tee in hand within a week of ordering (a little longer for international shipping). You'll also get a shipping tracking number when you check out if you want to keep an eye on things. Keep in mind that holidays and weather affect shipping time, usually in a bad way. But I suppose a good tail wind could speed things up.


Not happy with your order for some reason? Let me know! Here's how we handle it (we = me and the printer who prints and ships these things at my behest)

If your order never shows up, we'll send out a replacement. If the tracking shows that the package was delivered or "Return To Sender", the replacement will have to be sent to an alternative address.

We can send a one time free size replacement 1 size smaller or bigger than what you ordered. If it's a large order, there's a max of two shirts per order, so please, please, please use the sizing chart.  

If we simply messed up (again, we = me and the printer I use) and you got the wrong product, a size you didn't order, or it just printed poorly, just send me a picture of what you received and I can offer a refund or replacement.

If you just don't like the product we do not offer replacements or refunds since we do print on demand for custom products. I hope that doesn't sound too harsh. 

Keep In mind that the digital mock-ups you see on the product page are backlit by a screen, so the colors are usually less vibrant on the actual tee. So there’s nothing I can really do about that without some kind of robotic chest screen implant.

US customers have up to 30 days after the shipped date and international customers have up to 60 days after the shipped date.

Any other questions? Please reach out to me through my contact form (here's a link), or reply directly to your order email.